• W-900 Automatic Flat Cutting Saw

    W-900 Automatic Flat Cutting Saw

    width 500mm* height 320mm,5~19mm blade width.

    The JINFENG S-500 is a vertical band saw that is extremely suitable for sawing sheet materials. Cutting curves, corners or thicker sheet metal is no problem at all. The machine is standard equipped with a welding and grinding device to be able to weld the bandsaw blades yourself.

  • Vertical Metal Band Saw Small Vertical Metal Bandsaw S-360 10″ Vertical Metal Saw

    Vertical Metal Band Saw Small Vertical Metal Ba...

    A vertical band saw is an asset to any workshop that processes steel. Sawing, notching and separating external and internal contours – the models in the S series are designed for all-round use and are characterized by their rigid construction, stable work table and variable belt guides.

  • Bi Metal Band Saw Blade

    Bi Metal Band Saw Blade

    The band saw blade is a key component of the sawing machine and is one of the most critical accessories for metal cutting. Nowadays, the bi-metal band saw blade is popular, with high hardness, long service life and high safety. It is a relatively mature band saw blade mode. The band saw blades we produce are all bimetallic

  • CNC120 High Speed Circular Saw Machine

    CNC120 High Speed Circular Saw Machine

    The heavy high speed circular saw is fully automatic specially designed for cutting round solid rods and square solid rods,according to customer’s requirements for high speed cutting and high precision cutting. Saw cutting off speed:9-10seconds sawing off diameter 90mm round solid rods.

    Work accuracy: saw blade flange end/radial beat ≤ 0.02,  saw section with workpiece axial line vertical degree: ≤ 0.2 / 100,  saw blade repeated positioning accuracy: ≤ ± 0.05.

  • Angle Saw Double Bevel Miter Saw Manual Mitre Saw Cutting 45 Degree Angle 10″ Miter Saw

    Angle Saw Double Bevel Miter Saw Manual Mitre S...

    1.coolant pump ensures longer service life of saw blade

    2. scale on the vise allows easy adjustments for angle cuts between 0°~60°and 0°~-45°

    3. quick adjusting vise for angular cuts- the saw frame swivels, not the material

    4. G4025B adopts hydraulic step less speed regulation.

    5.Vertical force controlled through manual cylinder or hydraulic cylinder.

    6.Strong structure for big capacity cutting.

    7. One piece cast-iron construction of the frame of G4025 / G4025B Horizontal metal band saw machine ensure exact angles and low vibration

    8. Using German technology, durable saw, lower noise,automatic power cut off after processing.

    9. It is widely used for sawing various kinds of bars and profiles of common steel, tool steel, copper and aluminum.  Suitable for the maintenance and production of small batch materials and cutting process of doors and stores.

  • 1000mm Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Band Saw Machine

    1000mm Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Band Saw Machine

    GZ42100, 1000mm heavy duty Semi automatic band saw machine, is one of our heavy duty series industrial band saw machine, mainly used for cutting big diameter round material, pipes, tubes, rods, rectangular tubes and bundles. We can produce large industrial band saw machines with cutting ability of 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm etc.

  • Column Type Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

    Column Type Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw M...

    GZ4233/45 semi-automatic band sawing machine is an upgraded model of GZ4230/40, and it has been favored by most customers since its launch. With widened 330X450mm cutting ability, it offers increased versatility for a wider range of applications.
    This semi-automatic machine is designed to cut a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and other metals. With a maximal cutting capacity of 330mm x 450mm, it offers an increased range for cutting larger pieces or multiple smaller pieces.

  • Intelligent High-speed Band Sawing Machine H-330

    Intelligent High-speed Band Sawing Machine H-330

    Its intelligent sawing system is completed developed by JinFeng, with constant sawing force as core principle, the system monitors blade stress condition at real time and adjusts feeding speed optimally. This system prolongs blade use life and improves sawing efficiency, and can truly achieve the effect of high speed.

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Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., Ltd. (Herein after as Jinfeng) is an outstanding manufacturer band sawing machine and band saw blades and a professional manufacturer of machinery sawing equipment. Over the years, our company has strictly controlled the quality of the products and paid much attention to after-sale services. Our products have passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality system certification. With scientific management, advanced technology and high innovation, our company has won high praise of global customers.

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    With the development and progress of science and technology, the tide of high speed, intelligence and customization is also becoming more and more fierce. Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., LTD. (abbreviation: Jinfeng) is not willing to lag behind, Jinfeng has been ...

  • W-600 & W-800 Multi Head Flat Band Saw Machine

    W-600 multi head flat band saw machine is mainly used for horizontal sawing (5 layers) of fiberboard. It adopts horizontal cutting structure, multi head design and conveyor belt to transport workpieces. It improves the sawing efficiency and accuracy, and is an ideal equi...

  • Automatic Band Sawing Machine With Front Drag And Rear Delivery Structure

    The automatic band sawing machine with front drag and rear feed structure adds the function of cutting tailing material on the basis of the ordinary NC sawing machine. Its special performance is mainly shown in the following aspects: A set of automatic feeding devices ar...

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